It all began at a concept development hackathon.

Back in 2018, we were stuck in a meeting room with 20 people from brand & agency teams in London, trying to come up with concept alternatives at our product development workshop.

Over the course of 2 days, we came up with more than 30 ideas, then prioritised to 8 by voting amongst participants, without any consumer feedback.

Top 8 ideas were then further prioritised by the global brand team and the research agency was briefed to test the ideas, only to find out in 6 weeks that none of the ideas were actually working.

This probably sounds too familiar to some of you.

We decided to give you a seat next to your consumer to bring you fresh and reliable data.

High quality surveys. Every time.

Using our proprietary algorithm, we only recruit fresh consumers instantly from social media. That means; your survey will never have participants getting paid to answer questions repeatedly, which is a great way to avoid low quality and biased answers.

It’s an automated process that is capable of recruiting high quantities of respondents balanced based on demographics and other targeting features to provide the most reliable, real results in less than 3 hours.

It's all about creating lasting efficiency for your business.

We believe our solutions have the potential to make better & faster decisions that will eventually create lasting efficiency both on the product development cycle for any industry, as well as on the ROI in overall marketing efforts.

We are hiring!

Interested in joining one of the hottest startups in the growing market research industry? 

Check out our career pages for more information about the open positions and how to apply.

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