It all began at an innovation workshop.

In 2018 we took part in a product development workshop. 

In a room of 20 people made up of brand and agency teams across London, we were attempting to come up with new concept alternatives. 

After spending countless hours and resources deliberating, and still not being able to produce the expected results, we decided that there must be a better way to test innovation.

We were in search of a solution that would put all the complexity behind us; briefing agencies, approving quotes, preparing questionnaires, 100 page reports that hardly anyone reads. 

Then and there, we started building Bolt Pulse - an agile, DIY solution for innovation & concept testing. 

We decided to give you a seat next to your consumer to bring you fresh and reliable data.

High quality surveys. Every time.

Using our proprietary algorithm, we are able to recruit fresh, authentic consumers instantly from social media. That means; your survey will never have participants getting paid to answer questions repeatedly, which is a great way to avoid low quality and biased answers.

The automated process is capable of recruiting high quantities of respondents, balanced-based on demographics and other targeting features to provide the most reliable, veritable results in less than 3 hours.

Agile and Full Service

We are combining our unique, agile research technologies with meticulous care, expertise and accuracy that you would expect from established research agencies, to bring you real insights in as fast as a few hours.

We are hiring!

Interested in joining one of the hottest startups in the growing market research industry? 

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