Your brand reputation is not the same as 
3 months before.

Covid-19 has influenced markets and commerce extensively, consumer habits are evolving every day.

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To keep your brand healthy and strong, you need to monitor trends in the competitive environment in the context of market developments. Where are your competitive threats? Is there an opportunity for growth? 


We can help you navigate through uncertainty.

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Unprecedented reach.

As wide or niche as it gets.

We use a proprietary algorithm to recruit research participants via social networks and collect insights from 3.5 billion people in more than 150 countries.

Interest or location-based, user, non-user, hyper-niche or balanced gen pop, the results are carefully tailored towards your needs.  

Do you need to reach out to vegan, fashionista mums who have been to Soho in the last 4 weeks but not yet shopped from your store? We've got you covered.

Real responses to expertly crafted questions.

Unlike panels or interceptive sampling, we connect you directly to your consumers when they are most willing to share their opinions: whilst scrolling their social media feeds.


Our method facilitates authentic answers by open-ended questions, taking your research data quality to another level.

Case Study: Influencer Awareness Testing

25-65, Women

Behavioural Targeting: Shower Gel Users

Various Locations in Europe, n: 400

"It was a great opportunity to be able to quickly see how our consumers reacted to different profiles. We completely changed the way we manage our influencer & celebrity approach."

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Image by ian dooley

Agile and Full Service

We are combining our unique, agile research technologies with meticulous care, expertise and accuracy that you would expect from established research agencies, to bring you real insights in as fast as a few hours.