That campaign could have performed better.

Pre-stage, live or post-stage, you can identify the performance of your campaign, and reveal insights on how to improve the effectiveness as you continuously test & iterate.

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Our ad testing tool is suitable for testing at every stage of campaign creation (from ideation to execution) and is also applicable to TV, digital, outdoor, print and point-of-sale ads.

Plan your marketing investment

relying on real-time data.

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Find authentic consumers, not panellists.

With the power of our smart, social media-enabled recruitment technology, we help you get connected with fresh, authentic participants every time you run a new test.​


Quick to build.

Quick to get results.

Using already built-in question templates, all that's left to do is pick your location, set target settings, and go live to start collecting data.




You gain access to a clear, interactive and intuitive dashboard; populated in real-time for full transparency. 

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Profiling questions are a thing of past.

We offer you the best in: Behavioural Targeting

Why use outdated screening questions to profile your consumers? Behavioural social media data gives you the power to speak to the right audience without any effort.​

Behavioural targeting allows you to target niche audiences all around the world. Including but not limited to, category users and brand users: based on their natural digital consumption, instead of claim-based screening and profiling questions.

Use it instantly, anywhere.

Why limit your market research to panels, when you can reach out to 3.5 billion active social media users globally? 

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Case Study: Influencer Awareness Testing

25-65, Women

Behavioural Targeting: Shower Gel Users

Various Locations in Europe, n: 400

"It was a great opportunity to be able to quickly see how our consumers reacted to different profiles. We completely changed the way we manage our influencer & celebrity approach."

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Image by ian dooley

It's all about creating lasting efficiency for your business.

We believe our solutions have the potential to make better & faster decisions that will eventually create lasting efficiency both on the product development cycle for any industry, as well as on the ROI in overall marketing efforts.