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Case Study: Concept Testing using Bolt Pulse with a CPG Brand

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


As part of the concept design and development process, our client, a leading CPG brand wanted to understand how a selection of their new concepts would perform across Women & Men, ages 18+, located in the UK.


Using Bolt Pulse, our client created and conducted a 3 minute mobile survey, which ran across Facebook & Instagram. The survey included 5 of our essential questions for concept testing (Shopping Basket, Incrementality, Relevancy, Uniqueness and Value) and 5 optional questions (Personality, Copy, Credibility, Basket Frequency and Pack Liking).


We collected key insights from 500 users in about 3 hours, including the following: 3/4 indicating they would purchase the product. The main differentiating point, as one of the concepts presented, attracts brand buyers with low purchase frequency, whereas the winning one attracts both brand and competitor buyers with high purchase frequency.


Reduce the end-to-end research process time from 4 weeks to 4 hours. Whilst this improved time-to-market and total cost of resources, the client was able to reduce their external costs by over 50%.

Seeing the results, our client decided to run a similar test in Germany and France immediately after completing this one.

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