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Turn your company into a consumer engine! Just one simple platform containing all insights, gamifying the consumer empathy experience..

An innovative consumer-centric approach to help you identify potential growth opportunities every day.

Human + Tech Identity Platform

to connect with behaviourally-targeted, hard to reach audiences for actionable insights

Instant recruitment,
On demand qualitative connection

Find active pre-recruited respondents, swipe and choose, and you’re all set to start a freestyle or guided conversation with them directly.

We offer both free flow and pre-loaded questions to allow flexibility and results efficiency.

  • An agile experience to help you make smart, cost-efficient, and fast decisions leading to new horizons of success.
  • Identify changing perceptions, unmet needs and new ideas, to understand key touch points to ensure satisfying experiences.
  • Results are dependent on the quality of your survey responses, which in turn depends on the quality of your audience. Our sophisticated targeting tools select respondents tailored to your specific business objectives.
  • We use cross-platform technology that lets you view and share your data in real-time across mobile, desktop and tablet.

Why Bolt Chat?

It is real-time, on-demand, instant qualitative insight you need! It allows you to connect with real people on tap and ask them questions, almost as if they were sitting next to you? Take an unfiltered peek into their mind, get them talking!

The human and technology identity platform
for direct qualitative consumer connection.

Stepping into the future of agile solutions with a revolutionary human and tech platform, providing a more seamless, behavioural, and direct connection with consumers.

  • Choose from real consumers, targeted via their actual behaviours and interests

  • Immediately start chatting via their WhatsApp real-time

  • Link thousands of datapoints on our online platform for instant, AI supported insights

Intuitive, scalable, and powerful

Connecting consumers
with their favorite brands
and transforming how brands
connect with audiences.

Our platform provides an engaging experience for consumers and clients alike, by allowing consumers to share their opinions easily by directly messaging and allowing clients to CHOOSE who they want to talk to, CHAT with them and CONNECT the dots to analyse the key insights.

We offer various pricing models that meets your business needs.

Fast and engaging. Quality audience, speed, and results of thousands of qualitative data points analysed on our online platform.

A gamified user experience to drive adoption and engagement, so that connecting with consumers becomes second nature for marketeers, insight leaders and industry professionals.
Explore authentic answers from respondents who are highly engaged in the category as they interact on WhatsApp or Messenger and are willing to share in multiple formats (text, audio, and video)


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