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We are here to disrupt the traditional
market research industry.

As digitilization has increasingly shifted the consumer landscape online, consumer behaviours have adapted accordingly.


Traditional market research agencies leverage consumer panels, which are renowned for delivering lower data quality as they drive a ‘professional respondent’ culture.


We do things differently – recruiting our respondents through social media and in-app advertising to interview highly engaged audiences specific to your use case, driving the high-quality and personalized output you need to make those key data-driven decisions.


Trusted by leading global brands.

How are we different?

New-age Digital Targeting

New-age Digital Targeting

Behavioural Targeting: Our survey respondents are targeted on a behavioral level based on an individuals online actions such as; google search interests, influencers they follow, content they engage with, or online purchase activities.

Reach: a total of 4 billion consumers in more than 120 countries.

Location specific targeting: Highstreets, supermarkets, shopping malls, to postcode level targeting.

Data Quality: 100% pure data via authentic survey respondents in every research study. Quick setup, same day insight delivery.

Innovation-Driven Solutions

Innovation-Driven Solutions

Our advanced insight solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition.
Better data, Better Decisions

Better data, Better Decisions

Our BOLT intelligence platform allows clients to see the data live as it arrives for them to take actions based on real insights.

We are building a variety of proof-points around key industry differentiators: data quality, breadth of reach, speed, span of clients and business metrics, to fuel its future growth.

To become the fastest growing market research-tech business
furthering plans for expansion to additional markets,
all of which will help achieve our vision of connecting brands with their most relevant target audiences.

Bolt Insight | Company

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Our experienced research professionals will personally walk you through the results, and can assist you with any question, further analysis, or insights, and deliver results in the specific format you require.

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