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These terms of use are governed by the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy applicable to the use of the Site.

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-    You agree to fully comply with the terms and conditions if the site is hosted on a third-party site (such as Facebook or other social media sites) and has a different use of terms of the third-party sites.

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“BoltInsight” shall not be liable for any content provided through the interactive services on the site.

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7. “BoltInsight” may suspend your use of the site without any liability to you and without notice at any time.

8. “BoltInsight”s data protection policy for the Site is disclosed in the “BoltInsight” Privacy and Personel Data Protection Policy. By using the site you will accept this Policy too.

9. In the event that one or more of the provisions of these terms of use are invalid, void, unenforceable or illegal, such circumstances shall not affect any other provision of these terms of use.

If you do not comply with these Terms of Use and the “BoltInsight” does not act immediately, this does not mean that you have waived any hurricane (such as moving in the future) that “BoltInsight” may have.

“BoltInsight” reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time within its jurisdiction and such changes become effective immediately upon publication on the site. It is your responsibility to regularly review these terms which are communicated to you by inclusion on the site. If you do not agree to the modified terms of use of this site, you must not continue to use the site. Continuing to use the site after such a modification means that you agree to such changes.


Aim of the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy:

This Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy describes the following; 

a.    What kind of personal data is gathered by “BoltInsight”, 

b.    How this personal data is used,

c.    With whom your personal data could be shared by “BoltInsight”,

d.    What are your rights on your personal data processed by “BoltInsight” and how you may use those rights, 

e.    How you can change your positive or negative preferences on receiving electronic commercial messages.

Your Processed Personal Data, Aim and Basis of Processing Personal Data:

“BoltInsight”, in order to serve better to its users, within the framework of its legal liability arise from the relevant legislation; it requests your personal data (name, surname, birth date, cell phone number, e-mail, sex, address, profession, education, marital status, information which are confirmed by the member to be shared through channels if he/she connects via social media accounts) which will ensure the fulfillment of the aforesaid aim and legal liabilities from you. When you login with your Facebook information, your full name, e-mail information, profile picture can be used by “BoltInsight” in line with the permission received by Facebook. The collected data will be referred to as "Information" hereafter. 

The information is collected by “BoltInsight”. Your information is analyzed by “BoltInsight” and this information may be processed for the purposes such as provision of customized advertising, campaign and other benefits by the companies which will be cooperated, sending commercial electronic messages mails in accordance with your permission preferences, survey and telesales applications, analysis, reporting, statistical analyses of your information including your shopping information.


The information may be kept either in Frankfurt or Ireland for the purpose of carrying out the purposes mentioned in this permission declaration by taking the necessary security precautions.

The information will be retained by “BoltInsight” and all other programs created for such purposes and it will be processed and maintained pursuant to the provisions of the relevant legislation during the usage and afterwards, unless vice-versa is stated by you explicitly.

This personal data will be processed and stored for you to get use of the usage benefits of “BoltInsight” based on your clear permit which you will give by approving within the framework of the application, on condition this data shall not be used for purposed other than the scope and aims determined by this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit.


Communication Permit:

By accepting “BOLT INSIGHT Terms of Use” and herein this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit, you allow us to gather, store, process, use, transfer your personal data on which you showed consent to share with us, to provide and present various advantages to you to make customized advertising, sales, marketing, survey and to carry out all kinds of electronic communication for similar purposes and to send other communication messages. For the same purposes, these personal data of you shall be shared with BOLT INSIGHT LIMITED and national/international 3. parties with whom there is a contractual relation. In addition, this Information is only legally and technically identical to us with respect to data protection and security, so that we can provide timely delivery of notices to you via telephone, SMS and/or e-mail, this information shall be shared only with the need and to the necessary extent, with the third persons who bear the responsibilities and respect the provisions of the relevant legislation. Users explicitly accept and declare that they read all of this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit, they understood it along with its consequences, they showed consent for BOLT INSIGHT LIMITED to use and store their data in this manner without setting forth any condition. BOLT INSIGHT LIMITED shall take all kinds of precautions to safely store the aforesaid personal data and to prevent unauthorized access and illegal data processes.

Your acceptance of the BOLT INSIGHT Terms of Use and the Business Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit as a User, based on the legal relation between us and the electronic communication operator, you allow us to gather, store, process, use, transfer your personal data which is processed by the electronic communication operator with your consent, on which you showed consent to share with us, to provide and present various advantages to you to make customized advertising, sales, marketing, survey and to carry out all kinds of electronic communication for similar purposes and to send other communication messages.

If you reject persistent or session cookies, you may still use the website; however, you may not reach all functions of the website or you may be restricted.

Sharing of Personal Data with Government Authorities:

“BoltInsight” may share your personal data such as traffic and navigation information; with public institutions and organizations which are authorized to demand these information legally for your safety and “BoltInsight” to fulfill its legal obligations (in cases such as fight against crime, threat against the state and public safety).

Links to Third Party Websites and Application:

This Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy applies only to the “BoltInsight”. Since “BoltInsight” may contain links to other Websites and Applications, we advise you to consult the Privacy Policies of these Websites and Applications prior to submitting any personal data to these Websites and Applications. “BoltInsight” cannot be held responsible for any data shared when visiting other Websites and Applications.

Measures for the Protection of Personal Data:

Protecting personal data is an important issue for “BoltInsight”. “BoltInsight” takes necessary measures to protect against unauthorized access to or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of personal information. “BoltInsight” implements generally accepted standards of technology security including firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when storing personal data.


“BoltInsight” is committed to keep your personal data confidential and take all necessary technical and administrative precautions and to provide the necessary care for securing and protecting your privacy. “BoltInsight” will promptly notify you and the relevant institutions and organizations in the event that the personal data is damaged or possessed by the third parties as a result of attacks on the website and the system although “BoltInsight” took the necessary information/data security measures.

Amendments to be Made in the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit:

“BoltInsight” may make amendments at any time in this Policy of Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit. These changes take effect immediately after uploading the new amended Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit to the following web-site: 'www.boltinsight.com'. In order to make you aware of these amendments made herein this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit; necessary notifications will be made to you, our users.

You have the right to enquire whether your personal data is processed by the parties which are specified in this Permission Declaration, if processed; related information to this, purpose and whether it was used in accordance with the aims of it, you have the right to know the third parties to which data was transmitted nationally or internationally, if there is a mistake or missing part, you may request the correction of data, removal or elimination of personal data within the framework of conditions envisaged in the relevant legislation, request of notification to be made to the third parties to which the data was transmitted with regards to the correction/ removal/ elimination transactions; you have the right to appeal against a disadvantageous outcome for you as a result of exclusive analysis of the processed data through the automatic systems or you may request the compensation of your losses if you suffer a loss due to the illegal process of your data, in addition you may request prevention of communication with you from C/O Ida & Co, Building 3 Chiswick Business Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, England, W4 5YA address and from info@boltinsight.com.