Act on insight validated by your consumers.

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Unprecedented reach.

As wide or niche as it gets.

We use a proprietary algorithm to recruit research participants via social and mobile networks to collect insights from 4 billion people in more than 150 countries.

Interest or location-based, hyper-niche or balanced gen pop, the results are carefully tailored towards your needs. 

Do you need to reach out to vegan mums who have been to Soho recently but not yet shopped from your store?

We've got you covered.

Trusted by leading global brands


Brand Marketers and Consumer Insight Managers use Bolt for:

Location Based Research


Reach 4 billion people instantly through behavioural data.


Ask the world whatever you want.


Analyse in real-time.

Real responses to expertly crafted questions.

Unlike panels or interceptive sampling, we connect you directly to your consumers when they are most willing to share their opinions: whilst scrolling their social media feeds.

Our method facilitates authentic answers by open-ended questions, taking your research data quality to another level.

Case Study

18-65, Women & Men

Interests: Personal Care

UK, n: 600

"We collected key insights from 600 users in just over 3 hours. This is normally something we could do in at least 2 weeks."

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Hear from Our Happy Customers

‘Bolt Insight delivers results at an incredible speed yet with rich and actionable learnings. 

Their efficient approach has been instrumental in the success of our projects.’

'It’s very exciting to see results coming through live in just 3-4 hours!

We save invaluable time within our product development process through quick setup and data delivery.

‘What's exciting to have is those paragraph-long verbatims coming through highly engaged participants. It's almost a hybrid of quant & qual insights delivered within days.’ 

Senior Market Research Manager


Consumer Insight Manager


Brand Manager


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