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With this modular service, you have the option of programming your survey on our platform and receiving the data in a preferred format, or you can use your own survey and have us collect the data for you.

Utilising our proprietary technology, we are an end to end quantitative and qualitative insights provider.

Simply provide us with your project requirements,

and we will create a captivating survey, oversee translations, conduct the fieldwork, and present the results in a format that is most convenient for you.

How Bolt help insight professionals

We provide a range of services to assist insight professionals in achieving the needed data for both ad-hoc and tracking projects. Whether you require sample only (survey platform agnostic), survey design or programming, translations, raw data, tabulations, advanced analytics, or access to our real-time live dashboard, we are flexible and able to execute any service that you need.

  • Data Collection: Ad-Hoc, Modular, Quant or Qual Delivery
  • Full Service or Ad-Hoc Consultancy
  • Data Analysis
  • Real-time. Efficient.

  • Reach 4 billion consumers instantly.

  • Diverse and reliable data.

  • Ask the world whatever you want.

An end-to-end insight platform.

Our customers' opinions
are our proven success

With our live quant and qual dashboards, users can analyse data in real-time, allowing them to quickly identify trends, patterns, and key insights.

Combined with advice from market research experts.


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