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Target real consumers using data intelligence.
Reach 4 billion people instantly through digital behavioural targeting.

  • Recruit fresh and authentic participants for every research study.
  • Set-up in hours, quantitative data delivered the same day.
  • Target specific segments through demographic, behavioural, interest-based and location criteria.
  • Reach and engage with real consumers through social media and mobile app-based recruitment.
  • Unlock the power of open-ended responses and qualitative research at unprecedented scale and speed with our automated AI-powered text analytics.
  • 1

    We recruit via social media and in-app advertising for highly engaged audiences, driving high quality output.
  • 2

    We design a survey to ensure it meets our best practice guidelines.
  • 3

    While scrolling through their social media feeds, our targeted ads will invite respondents to take part in a questionnaire.
  • 4

    Using our real time dashboard, you can view respondent's answers to all questions as they come in.
  • 5

    Post-fieldwork, our expert team will share an initial top line summary, followed by a detailed report and analysis of your results.

Do not miss out
on the new-age of digital market research!

We provide agile consumer insight using our own proprietary technology. Our solutions allow you to test innovation, track brand health or awareness, understand your consumers’ current needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Trusted by leading global brands.

Targeting Capabilities

  • • Demographic based

  • • Interest based (ie Vegan)

  • • Geo-Location

  • • Real-time targeting

  • • Similar targeting with digital campaigns

Differentiators about Data Quality

  • • Fresh participants, authentic and engaged consumers

  • • Double-layer targeting (targeting + screening)

  • • Data control on demographics and open-ended verbatims

  • • Optimized professionally designed questionnaires (LOI, tone of questionnaire, etc.)

We manage the entire
process for you.

Audience Recruitment
Audience Recruitment
Knowledge, expertise, and experience

We are combining our unique, agile research technologies with meticulous care, expertise, and accuracy to bring you real insights in as fast as a few hours.

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