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Creative Neuro Test

Our digital Creative Neuro solution provides unprecedented insight into the real emotional and unconscious impact of your ad, concept, claim or campaign. Uncover how to truly optimise your creatives, connect with your customers, and maximise your impact.

What do you get?

Gain unprecedented insight into how your creatives, brand messaging and marketing really make your consumers feel.

Identify and track which parts of your ad are working well (high positive engagement) and which parts are not working well (less positive engagement), scene by scene.

Help to shorten or edit your advertisement where needed based on precision emotional feedback

Optimise your ad, product pack design, logo or claim placement and messaging.

Understand the level of emotional engagement your ad creates in people.

How does it work?

A proprietary combination of Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, Implicit Reaction Time.

Creative Neuro:
The Hidden Key to Unlocking Your Creatives

Through employing cutting edge digital Creative Neuro technologies, we decode the emotions and unconscious, implicit reactions to your visual stimuli.

Get the key insights that give an in-depth understanding of the real emotional impact of your creatives, concepts, brand messaging and campaigns. We help you understand the unconscious reactions your marketing is having on your consumers, and how exactly it may be unconsciously impacting their decisions, both positively and negatively. Get unprecedented insight into exactly what's working - and what needs fixing.

We do this through utilising three specific pillars:

  • Eye tracking: The field of monitoring what people do with their eyes, observing what people choose to look at, how their eyes move, and how their visual activities behave.
  • Implicit reaction time tests (IRTs): Capture consumers’ immediate, gut instinct or subconscious responses to brands, campaigns, new product concepts, packaging designs, and a vast array of other marketing related outputs.
  • Facial coding: The process of measuring human emotions through facial expressions.

As humans, we are emotionally driven beings.

Buying – as is commonly accepted these days – is less a rational act, and more an emotional response, an act which signifies our underlying desire to achieve a certain feeling or state. Understanding and unlocking the unconscious associations, emotions, and anchors that your creatives, brand messaging and marketing materials are conveying and communicating to people are therefore the keys to maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns. And with Creative Neuro - now there's a way...

Creative Neuro: Harnessing the Power of Digital Neuromarketing

If you want to gain unprecedented insight into how your creatives, brand messaging and marketing really make your consumers feel - and get the keys to help you truly maximise your results for your next launch or campaign - then leveraging Creative Neuro technology could be the missing piece to unlocking your influence over your customers.

Our customers' opinions
are important to us

Bolt Insight is a market research platform, focused on delivering high quality consumer insight.

Our vision to give you a virtual seat, next to your consumers, so that you can co-create, based on their expectations.

Gain insight into the emotional reactions your designs create in your customers.

Whether you are launching a new product, pack design, concept or product concept, an ad or marketing campaign, our digital neuromarketing solutions can help you optimize your offering and campaign.

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