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Deloitte – an international institution when it comes to consulting – wanted to gauge consumer reaction to luxury resort experiences, targeting a niche segment of affluent individuals who had recently stayed or were planning to stay in Turkey.

Deloitte approached Bolt to utilise our unique capability to precision target specific audiences across multiple markets, no matter how niche, and deliver the consumer insights and intelligence needed to firm up the hospitality arm of their consulting services.

Luxury hotels consumer insights

About Deloitte: Deloitte, a globally renowned professional services firm, has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence for over 175 years. Operating in more than 150 countries and territories, they specialise in offering a wide range of consulting, auditing, tax, and advisory services to clients spanning various industries.

Known for delivering tangible value and fostering sustainable growth, Deloitte has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across the globe.

Research Challenge

Deloitte approached us to conduct an in-depth study on luxury resort experiences across seven markets – including some traditionally challenging markets such as Kazakhstan. The objective was to gather insights from affluent individuals who recently visited or planned to visit luxury resorts in Turkey.

The study required a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences and behaviours to guide Deloitte’s consulting partners in tailoring their offerings to meet the discerning expectations of this exclusive consumer group.

The interviews would be conducted in 20-minute format, across social platforms and apps frequently used by participants.

“From crafting the questionnaire to conducting the analysis, the Bolt team offered excellent support throughout the entire process. We look forward to discovering additional opportunities to collaborate with them in the future.”

Büşra Karakaya, Manager, Deloitte

luxury hotels consumer insights

Approach and Solution

Gathering consumer insights for the luxury resort sector

Bolt employed a multifaceted approach, utilising advanced behavioural targeting and diverse sampling methodologies to ensure the recruitment of the target niche audience.

Through strategic digital quantitative research studies, we interviewed 560 target consumers across all seven countries. within a condensed timeframe of 14 days. By leveraging our proprietary technology solutions, we were able to quickly gather the data, and provide a dataset robust enough for meaningful insights.

Outcomes and Business Impact

Despite the intricate consumer profile and challenging timeframe, we were able to deliver insights that would later prove invaluable to Deloitte’s consulting partners in the luxury hospitality sector.

These insights empowered them to tailor their offerings effectively, aligning with the discerning expectations of the exclusive consumer group.

By leveraging the insights derived from the study, Deloitte was able to confidently guide their clients in optimising core strategies, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth in the luxury resort market.

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