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At Bolt Insight we’re in the business of providing agile consumer insight to help brands supercharge their growth and optimise their ideas, using our own proprietary technology solutions. To date, we’ve executed research in 80 countries and counting, and our recruitment method functions in more than 120 countries worldwide.

L’Oreal – a household name when it comes to global hair and beauty brands – wanted to gauge consumer reaction to a number of new product designs, benchmarked against other recent product concepts. Our research would uncover the key insights to help determine a clear winner to launch across both UK and French markets.

L’Oreal approached us to utilise our unique capability to precision target niche audiences across social platforms and apps at lightning speed – and deliver the insights to help eliminate failure in their decision-making process.


About L’Oreal

Being the world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oreal needs no introduction. For over 100 years, the brand has led the way when it comes to beauty.

From their very first hair dye produced in 1909 to a countless range of innovative beauty products and services today, L’Oreal has always been a t the forefront of innovation and tech in the industry, and has been on a mission to provide both men and women with the best quality beauty products


Research Challenge

As part of their ongoing innovation, L’Oreal wanted to leverage Bolt’s digital research capabilities to better understand consumer reaction to several new product designs, to get clear signal on which resonated most with their target audience of skin care users in the UK and France.

Bolt was tasked with finding a niche audience of skin care product users in the target markets, specifically with dull or uneven skin types. Utilising our hyper targeted behavioural and geo targeting capabilities, we were able to identify and interview 800 people in this niche across both the UK and France, within 24 hours.

When it comes to speed, we’re not called Bolt for nothing…

“The Project was done in record time and was very insightful. Once fieldwork was started, the dashboard was intuitive and meant we could follow field progress as it happened. A fast and furious, and very helpful tool!”

Lee May – CMI Director of Hair Categories, L’Oreal Paris


Approach and Solution

Through precision behavioural targeting, we interviewed 400 skin care users with dull or uneven skin types in each market.

We designed a mobile survey with multiple concept evaluation questions split across the two markets, including demographic screeners, and opinions and perceptions of product and pack designs.
Pack preferences were measured and benchmarked across multiple key KPIs, including relevance, differentiation, attractiveness, and purchase intent.


Outcomes and Business Impact

Eliminating failure in the decision-making process

Based on the findings in the report, the L’Oreal brand team were able to define clear standards for launch, and identify the emerging winner as results came in among the target audience in each country and across key demographic groups.

The insights gained helped take guesswork out of equation, with L’Oreal getting the clear and key signal they needed to move forward with the new product launch in both the UK, and France.

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